Why you should switch browsers today.

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Are you currently seeing the ads I put on my site to bring in money? I don’t, and you don’t have to either.

There’s more than a 60% chance that you are viewing this on Chrome right now. I get it: seamless cross-platform integration, handy extensions, fast browsing. There are good reasons why Chrome is the most popular browser.

But you can have that and so much more with Brave.

Brave offers you all the benefits of Chrome with added privacy and security. And, you can use Brave to support your favorite content creators for free!

Benefits of Brave vs Chrome:


  • Password keychain.
  • Customize with extensions and themes.
  • No ads! (Unless you want them!)
  • Fastest browsing (because there are no ads to load!)
  • Support your favorite sites and content creators for free.
  • Invest in cryptocurrency.
  • Ultra-private browsing with Tor, which uses a VPN to route your IP address through multiple servers.


  • Password keychain.
  • Customize with extensions and themes.
  • Faster browsing than most other leading browsers.

Brave Rewards with BAT

Brave comes 100% ad free. However, you can opt-in to Brave Rewards, a program that shows you private and non-obtrusive ads (you choose the frequency) and rewards you for your time with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). BAT can be traded for various cryptocurrencies, which can then be invested or cashed out.

I’ve already downloaded Brave on all my devices and turned on ads to support creators. The ads pop up like notifications on your devices and only show up when you have the Brave browser open. They look like this on my desktop browser:

And on my iPhone:

Some of the ads are even interesting enough that I’ve clicked on them!

The ads seem to show up more on my mobile devices than my desktop, but they never bother me. I have them turned to the maximum amount of five ads per hour and there are times when I might get one an hour.

I imagine as the idea of BAT grows, more companies will be willing to pay for ads using Basic Attention Tokens, which will mean Brave showing me more ads per hour. I can always turn the ad frequency down or even off whenever I choose.

Donate BAT to Your Favorite Creators

You can choose to auto-contribute (which is the default setting) to the sites you visit most, or you can set-up a monthly BAT contribution to your favorite sites (like rosespybrook.com.)

There is also a Tip option which allows you to send BAT in one-time increments to sites you enjoy. However, not all sites are verified Brave Creators, so be sure to look for the checkmark icon next to the BAT logo in your Brave browser. It will look like this:

That 5, by the way, is the number of cross-site trackers and ads that Brave had blocked from the site I was visiting.

If you have a site of your own, you can claim it as a Brave Creator and encourage your viewers to donate or tip BAT to your channel.

Download Brave Today

Whether you are a die-hard Chrome fan, a casual user looking for added security, interested in cryptocurrency, or looking to support your favorite creators, Brave has everything you could want.

Full disclosure: if you download Brave using my link, and use the app minimally for 30 days, my site automatically gets a $5 contribution.

I promise you, though, this browser is legit.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this browser.


  1. Very interesting article. I used to be up on all the latest internet stuff but am doing different work now and just haven’t paid much attention. We use all Microsoft products at work so I just go with what I know. Only recently we started using Chrome for different websites that won’t work on IE (now Edge which frankly sucks!). Thanks for the info, I’m happy to give Brave a try!

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