Thank You, Patrons

Closing My Patreon

I am closing my Patreon account as of Saturday, July 11, 2020. I greatly appreciate the years of support and hope that you continue to support me in my professional endeavors.

While I have decided to quit Patreon, I am still accepting donations directly through my website. This will be more efficient, and allow you access to content that cannot be viewed by the general public.

Focusing on Freelance

My site will now focus on my writing and professional work. If you know anyone who needs help starting a blog or writing articles, please refer them to my Hire Me page.

My Personal Blog

I will still be writing personal blog entries–including my experience from my time in jail–that will be behind a paywall. For the time being, all personal entries will be available for a $1 monthly donation. These donations will go to helping me maintain this site for my freelance career.

Of course, you are encouraged to make any monthly donation you are comfortable with, and if you do not wish to donate there are other ways to help.

Ways to Help for Free

Monthly Donations

These donations will go directly to helping me maintain my site and build my professional business. Along with supporting my site, you will also gain access to private posts which will be behind a paywall.

Thank You!

Thank you again for all your support. I know my page has changed and grown over the years, and I appreciate you all.